Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Home?

January 16, 2018

house spider in basement

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Winter in Springfield is a wonderful thing—the ice skating, snowball fights with the family, children building snowmen—all of these bring great joy and much laughter. While the cold weather can bring cherished family memories, unfortunately, it could also force pests and wildlife into our homes, including the house spider. The house spider is in search of a refuge from the snow and frosty temperatures, and your home is the perfect place for warmth and food.

Spiders are one of the most common household pests in Springfield. The reason house spiders enter our homes is actually quite innocent; they just want to coexist with us and share our shelter for the cold winter months. They don’t pose a medical threat to us, but certainly are a nuisance. Spiders are quiet invaders that are quite talented at surprising or scaring us when they decide to randomly dangle off of door trim or banisters. They also like to hang out in any dark, secluded areas such as basements, attics, under furniture, etc. Spiders create unsightly webs in the corners of rooms or on any structure that connects for example beams in ceilings, railings, or tops of cabinets. They design the webs to trap bugs for food—meaning that little tiny bugs might be hanging out in corners or along banisters, too. Another negative is that they don’t just create one web, but can create several wherever they are to be able to catch the most prey. Spider webs are definitely not fun to run into or have to deal with constantly cleaning up.

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t really want to share your home with spiders. You can try to prevent spiders from getting into your house with these quick prevention tips: seal cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home, caulk gaps around windows and doors, install door sweeps, trim bushes and trees away from the home, repair any broken or torn screens, and keep clutter in storage areas to a minimum. While these may help, the best way to prevent spiders (and other pests) from using your home for a shelter this winter is to contact American Pest Solutions, a pest control company that offers year-round solutions for prevention and elimination of pests. Our Pest Guard plan lets homeowners be worry free when it comes to pests, by providing state-certified and licensed consultants to effectively take care of any current problems and prevent new ones from happening. After our initial service, we will visit your home a minimum of four times per year where we will evaluate your home and put in place the proper prevention for the season. If you want to enjoy your Springfield winter—and create everlasting memories with your family—contact American Pest Solutions today and get started on becoming pest free!

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