Summer Bed Bug Prevention Checklist for New England Homeowners        

May 31, 2019

a golden colord bed bug crawling along a stone floor after fallig from a new england residence

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There is a huge potential for bed bug infestations this summer in New England. Actually, bed bugs are a problem worldwide. The increase in the problem comes from more frequent travel. This causes the bed bug population to increase exponentially.

Bed bugs invade throughout all four seasons in homes but it is more common in the summertime because travel is more common in the summertime. They do not care how clean or dirty your home is, as long as they can find a blood meal. Bed bugs are a problem for everyone from the rich to the poor, and from the young to the old. Bed bugs hitch a ride on shoes, clothing, bags, and luggage to get from one place to another.

If you are wondering if there are ways to avoid bed bugs while you are on summer vacation, you should follow these tips:

  • Pack your luggage carefully by putting all of your items in large ziplock type bags.
  • Bring a few extra bags to use for dirty laundry and items you acquire on your trip.
  • Check headrests on public transportation for signs of bed bugs.
  • Always inspect your room before settling in with your luggage.
  • Keep all of your belongs off of the floor, and do not use hotel bureaus.
  • Check everything you return home with for bed bugs and clean them thoroughly, washing all clothing on high-heat settings.

At home, you will want to check the most likely places to find bed bugs. Beds are the most common place, as well as headboards, bed frames, upholstered furniture, moldings, and outlets. Some signs of bed bugs are tiny dark maroon droppings, streaks, smears, dots, shed insect skins, tiny eggs, and live bugs. An adult bed bug looks similar to an apple seed in size and shape.                                     

If you have seen signs of bed bugs in your home and want to get rid of them completely, give the specialists at American Pest Solutions a call, they can professionally get the job done, guaranteed.

Avoid these common mistakes:

Do not use pesticides or chemicals. Especially if they are not specific to bed bugs. Even if they are for bed bugs they can be dangerous to humans and pets and will leave a dangerous residue. Just because a store sells it or it’s listed on the internet does not mean it is safe for your home. Another danger is that pesticide will push bed bugs further into hiding so as to not result in complete eradication. The bed bugs will still be there and reinvade usually in a matter of days.

Simply laundering your bedding will not get rid of bed bugs. Nor will sleeping in another room in the house. Bed bugs do not limit themselves to bedrooms, they can invade other rooms and infest carpets, sofas, pet bedding, and other areas.

Vacuuming can be somewhat helpful to get rid of visible bugs, but if you don’t remove the bag right away and seal it up tight, you are merely transferring the problem from one place to another.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Truth be told, the only way a bed bug infestation can be completely eradicated without causing harm to your home and family is by enlisting the help of bed bug specialists.

Call on the professional specialists at American Pest Solutions in New England for more information.

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