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All The Ways Bed Bugs Can Cause Problems In Your Hartford County Home

They lurk in the dark. They hide in the secret places of your bed frames. They come out at night to feed on your blood while you sleep. We don't have to tell you how disturbing these bugs are. But you might not be aware of all of the problems these insects can create when they get into your Hartford County home. Here are a few problems you should consider.

Bed Bugs Bite

After bed bugs feed on you in the night, you wake up with bite wounds. These can be tiny red dots or large welts on your skin. It depends on how many times you've been bitten and how allergic you are to the anticoagulant the insects inject. Bed bug bites can be itchy, painful, and numerous. They can also be unsightly. These bugs tend to feed in the same area and each individual bug feeds multiple times. If you're thinking about going to the beach or to the pool, you may decide against it. Dozens of red welts can ruin that idea.

Bed Bugs Can Keep You Up At Night

If you're disturbed by bed bugs feeding on you at night, it can keep you up. As you work to eliminate bed bugs from your home, you can find yourself struggling with these pests for weeks. This can lead to sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep can have many consequences.

  • It can slow your cognitive processes and make it hard to study for tests, resulting in bad grades.

  • It can impair your judgment.

  • It can make you dangerous behind the wheel of your car.

  • It can cause you to be depressed.

  • It can make you gain weight.  

Bed Bugs Can Make You Sick

There are many bugs that can make you sick when they bite you. Some carry diseases inside their bodies and transmit these diseases to you. Ticks are an example of this kind of bug. Some bugs can make you sick by exposing you to harmful bacteria from dirty places. Cockroaches are an example of a pest that does this. For a long time, there has been no link between bed bugs and the transmission of diseases and microorganisms, but researchers have recently found that bed bugs are able to transmit the bacterium that causes Chagas disease. At the time of this writing, there are currently no recorded cases of bed bug-to-human transmission, but health agencies are monitoring this development. Currently, the only way bed bugs can make you sick is by anemia. Ongoing blood loss can cause this condition. The symptoms of anemia can have wide-reaching implications for your health.

Bed Bugs Can Make People Avoid You

When friends and family hear that you have bed bugs, it is likely that they'll want to stay away until the problem is corrected. No one wants to get these bugs. That means gatherings at your home will need to be canceled or postponed for another time. It is a good idea to have your bed bug infestation addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Not only will it allow you to get back to enjoying time with friends and family, it can prevent the spread of bed bugs. Fast action could prevent you from getting these bugs again from someone who accidentally got them from you.

Bed Bugs Can Harm Your Children

Life is complicated and challenging for children. If their friends find out they have bed bugs at home, or they accidentally bring these bugs to school, or worse, a friend's house, it has the potential to cause damage to their reputation. There is an unfortunate and unnecessary stigma attached to bed bugs. Many still believe that bed bugs only infest dirty homes. While this isn't true, it is difficult to change people's minds about this.

Bed Bug Control

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